Here in Florida, you may think that pest control depends on toxic chemicals to do a significant portion of the work, but organic pest control is becoming more popular and more affective every year. With research and developments into organic pest control, Green Earth Pest Control is able to rid your property of unwanted infestations without harsh chemicals or destructive techniques.

Many organic pest control techniques are now so widespread that many homeowners consider implementing them without the oversight of a pest control expert. While you can find a YouTube video or Google article on just about everything, including organic pest control, some of this advice online has proven to be extremely ineffective. Yet the biggest problem with these kinds of organic pest control techniques isn’t the cost or harm they bring, but the skepticism it breeds once they prove useless.

Organic pest control professionals are well-trained and extremely effective, but those who have tried using organic techniques on their own with little success are often understandably skeptical. For example, at Green Earth Pest Control all of our organic products are “certified organic.” We not only make sure that our products will indeed eradicate your pest, but that they are certified organic and are as safe to use as possible. That means we only use product produced in accordance with Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and its regulations. Certified organic fertilizers contain at least 30% of its nutrients from natural sources, with the other ingredients coming from man-made sources. You can increase your soil health by building organic matter within the soil with these safe and pet-friendly alternative solutions.

Regardless of what you’ve tried on your own, the professionals at Green Earth Pest Control are well-trained and experienced in the practice of organic pest control and are finding success in ridding homeowners of pest problems everyday.

Give us a call at Green Earth Pest Control to discuss our organic products and ways to give you a healthier and safer environment.