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Lawn Fertilization & Pest Control Services

With over 20 years of experience, Green Earth Pest Control is locally owned and operated by professionals who are trained with the specific pests and diseases that affect our clients on the Space Coast. Every service comes with a customized plan for your interior and exterior pest control needs, treating for a variety of spreading weeds, turf-killing diseases and invasive insects. Our customized lawn analysis and program will put you on successful path to a greener lawn. 

Green Earth Pest Control is known for their certified organic lawn pest control for a truly environmental-friendly solution to your pest control needs. With Green Earth’s Organic Program, you can choose certified organic fertilizers that contain at least 30% of its nutrients from natural sources. The treatments easily increase your soil's health by building organic matter within the soil with these safe and pet-friendly alternative solutions.

Our traditional lawn pest control services include seasonal spraying with custom granular or liquid fertilization, weed prevention and control, core aeration and ornamental tree and shrub care. The specialists at Green Earth Pest Control can design a bi-monthly program to keep your lawn looking lush, pest-free and weed-free–all year long. Technicians will target damaging insects such as chinch bugs, fire ants, army worms, grubs, mole crickets and other common pests.

Green Earth Pest Control also offers complete indoor pest control for your added convenience. The indoor service is a complement to our outdoor service and offers your home a comprehensive pest solution. Our indoor service targets many common household pests such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, beetles, silverfish and other general household insects.

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