It’s time to be a better stewards to our environment. An environmentally friendly lawn starts at home with sustainable lawn care practices that will make a difference.

1. Water early in the morning. Daytime watering is often lost to evaporation.

2. Leave clippings on the lawn.  Often called “grass-cycling,” this provides nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, water). Wait until the lawn is 3″ tall, then set the mower height to remove 1.”  Leave the short clippings on the lawn and they will quickly disappear from view.

3. Use an organic fertilizer.  Green Earth Pest Control offers certified organic fertilizers with time-released, water-insoluble nitrogen. These fertilizers are less likely to burn your lawn with excess nitrogen and slow-release allows the roots to absorb the nutrients as they are needed. Always use fertilizers containing at least 35% – 50% of their nitrogen supply in the “slow-release” form. With traditional fast-acting fertilizers, nutrients can be washed away with watering or rain, and the wasted fertilizer can seep into ground water supplies. Using a certified organic fertilizer instead of synthetic fertilizers is a great way to move towards having and environmentally friendly lawn.

4. Air it out. Heavily compacted soil denies your lawn much-needed oxygen. Aerating the lawn with a core aerator will help the soil breathe. Fall is the ideal time for this project because spring aeration can kick up weed seeds. This practice will lead to a healthier lawn naturally.

5. Apply all herbicides, pesticide and fertilizers appropriately. Take care when applying all chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers around sewers, drains, and water sources. Shut off spreaders before crossing sidewalks or driveways and sweep up any spills. Rinse your spreader over the lawn area and not on the driveway in order to minimize runoff into the water supply.

If you would like to find out about switching to certified organic fertilizers on your property in Brevard or Indian River counties, please give us a call.